Pneumatic televisions can borrow "concentric buses" to make a living item
Change the light bulb temporarily use staircase stool, clothes broken need to get the sewing machine, the bike did not gas shortage of the air ... ... staircase stool, sewing machine, pump, these frequency is not high, but the emergency can not really lack of items, Designed for unexpected events to buy neither cost-effective nor convenient, people do not use it idle at home is redundant and cumbersome. Putuo District Cao Yang Village Street Lanling Park launched the "concentric bus transfer station" to solve this problem.
Although the name is concentric, the project is not related to the bus. It is through the community enthusiastic group mobilization, led by the neighborhood committee summary of idle resources resources, some usually not commonly used, but occasionally need emergency things, published to the "concentric bus transfer station" resource map. The earliest this project is from the residents of an idle wheelchair: a resident of the elderly passed away, the wheelchair disposal has become a problem, throw a pity, give people do not know to whom, then think of whether to send or borrow To the neighbors with the district. Did not expect, through the community, and soon found the need for wheelchairs. And this wheelchair continued to flow in the district.
Reporters in the community Jiuyuan home office to see, "concentric bus transfer station" map clearly marked Lanling Park, the number of each building, location, linked to a small sign of the picture shows that this building which things can be lent. Where the yellow sign represents the item can be lent, the green sign on behalf of the item can be given. Daily necessities such as pump, wooden staircase, sewing machines, small furniture such as rattan chairs, dining tables, bookcases, small appliances such as televisions, soya-bean milk maker, rice cookers, digital products, children's toys, old wheelchairs, etc., as long as you want, Have. Lan Lingyuan residents only need to make a phone call, there is a community information officer to tell him what kind of things in which households, and provide contact information, through a simple transfer, you can get the required items. At present, more than 50 families have participated in the project, providing more than hundreds of items that can be lent.
It is understood that the "concentric bus transfer station" this mode of operation with reference to the German "E-mail stickers", the community residents will own objects in the form of images painted on the stickers, many home door mailboxes are affixed with this sticker, As a welcome sign, this approach is easy to pull closer to each other in the neighborhood. "The fast-paced life in the city makes the connections between the inhabitants very weak, and many people do not even have a lot of people, and they may not be able to make it clear." Zhou Lishun said, "concentric bus transfer station" in the borrowing of goods is just a guide, so that everyone from their own small home to the community "everyone" to make the residents more warm up, the community will be more harmonious, "because Through the pump to the ball and the bike to cheer, several children and families are more familiar with.
From the beginning of the project in March to the present, there has been no loss of goods, because borrowing only occurs in the Lanling Park, borrowers and lenders in most cases on weekdays familiar, it is not prone to malicious access to other items Happening. The project team has initially established an article management system, including "Item Borrowing System", "Item Replacement System", "Item Bazaar Donation System" and "Concentric Bus Transfer Station Item Registration Form" when borrowing items. In addition, the project team also revealed that the borrowing of goods is only the first step in the future will be further development of goods replacement, goods and other functions.