Repair master 14 years free cheer
"Other places to promote the bike to get 5 cents, and Sun master repair car stall is 14 years for people to play free of charge." Yesterday, Hannan District Bixin Road Zhu master, hope the media to help people master Sun pass energy.
50-year-old Sun master, named Sun Fanglin, by a foot at the foot of Zhu Jiashan bike stall for a living. In 2000, Sun Fanglin from the Hannan District cotton company laid off, where the stall when the car repair master. 14 years, in addition to rain and snow days, he will be here on time car repair. Yesterday, the reporter came to his car repair shop, two pump on the roadside for people to use, two hours, there are six people come to cheer. The public most of the self before the ride up to play the pump, playing gas will pump back into place, which seems to have become a conversation between Sun Fanglin and owners of a tacit understanding.
Near the teahouse dad Nan Mingzhi said: "He is not only car repair technology is good, low prices, the heart is also good, never see him with who red face." Sun Fang Lin said with a smile: "each year will probably use the bad two pump "
Sun Fanglin car repair day income only sixty or seventy dollars, love lumbar discs have been no work, the son of a factory workers, their income barely enough family life. Sun Fanglin said: "The feelings between people and people are mutual, usually do not charge money, really want to repair, even if far away, he will come here to take care of my business, this line."