Need a pump? To volunteer V station to take
Yesterday, the Foshan Municipal Civilization Committee and the municipal party committee jointly organized the Foshan volunteer service series of activities, "2014 volunteer backbone training classes" cum volunteer V station opening ceremony activities, from the five district youth volunteer associations and voluntary organizations Of the 117 volunteer backbone to participate in the opening training. At the same time, volunteer V station ancestral temple lotus pavilion is also officially unveiled yesterday, the future for the public to provide and promote community volunteer service.
Members of the public can volunteer at the V station to understand the various types of volunteer services or livelihood information, and can be registered as a volunteer, choose to participate in the appropriate activities, volunteer V station also provides traffic card, telephone card recharge manual convenience services. At the same time, the station will also be equipped with blood pressure meter, public umbrella, convenience medicine box, trolley, pump and other simple equipment, all self-help way for the needs of residents to use. "Volunteer V station will also be held regularly community volunteer service activities, to carry out clinics, knowledge and other services, community volunteer service activities to normalized." Mission City official said. The first batch of selected pilot areas are Oriental Plaza Pavilion, City Hospital Pavilion and Zumiao Lotus Square Pavilion.